The Band

Fourever helge

First of all – Fourever is a not a four-piece. Fourever is a powertrio.
Secondly – Fourever is not a girl-band. Fourever is a kick ass hard rock band!

Fourever was formed in 2000 as a four piece, hence the name. The stem of the band is and has always been twins Mia (guitar) and Nina Moilanen (drums). They grew up listening to their dad’s Rainbow, Iron Maiden and Uriah Heep records, so playing hard rock was a no-brainer. In the beginning the band focused on playing live and building a good live reputation as a foundation. It wasn’t until 2006 the band entered the studio for the first time to record the two songs Solitary (Never Meant To Be) and Innocent Feelings, with producer Johan Blomström (Spice & RJ Band, Blinded Colony, Overdrive, Faith etc) at Studio Sound Palace. In the summer of 2006 singer Matilda person left the band. Instead of looking for a new singer the band made the wise choice of letting Mia take over the vocals, besides playing guitar. Later the same year, the band recorded another four tracks, which, together with the first two, was released as the band’s first demo: New Era.

New Era was well received and gained numerous great reviews in magazines like Close-Up and Sweden Rock Magazine, which lead to the band playing Peace & Love Festival in 2007. This was however not the only show. This year the band played over 60 shows all over Scandinavia. 2008 continued in the same vein and Fourever played Rock Off Festival on Åland, Masters Of Rock Festival in the Czech Republic and they also did a tour supporting heavy rockers Sabaton. After the tour bass player Malin Karlsson decided to leave the band for personal reasons. Lisa Bouvier later replaced her.

Late 2008 the band started recording what finally became the band’s debut album. Various obstacles however made the recording drag on, making the band a bit frustrated. The gig side of things was still as busy and in 2009 the band played festivals in Holland, Germany and the prestigious Sweden Rock Festival in Sweden. Unfortunately also Bouvier had to leave the band and they now found just seventeen year old Majja Persson.

In 2010 the band became historic being the first ever female hard rock band to tour Egypt! More shows followed back in Sweden. Back in Sweden the band could finally finish the recordings in 2011, and Johan Blomström again mixed the final result.

So, the road may have been long, but the album, entitled Solitarium, has been well worth the wait. When listening back to the demo, you now really hear how much the band has evolved through the years. There’s a new energy, Mia’s vocals have really reached a new level and her guitar playing has elevated, together with Nina’s drumming. The demo was truly great, but Solitaruim blows it away completely. The style has of course also evolved. Several of the songs from the demo have been re-recorded, but the style and sound has clearly evolved. Where you before could hear clear influences from bands like Iron Maiden in the rough, the songs and sound have now been given a more updated touch, but without selling out. A song like Me, Myself And I makes you think of what a band like Evanescence would sound like if they dared to be a bit more metal. The song Dementia Praecox also shows a different side of the band, almost a dark touch. Of course, the band’s classic-to-be, Shout! Shout My Name is featured on the album. This is a true pump-your-fist in the air shout along chorus rocker. You can clearly feel all the blood, sweat and toil that went into making this rocker of an album, and the live shows that honed this band into the well-oiled machinery that forms Fourever!

Janne Stark, author of “The Encyclopedia Of Swedish
Hard Rock And Heavy Metal”